Xprshnz creates, designs, and provides access to sentimental, inspirational, motivational, memorable, humorous, and quotable wearables and other expressive merchandise. Original designs and expressions that all can enjoy, wear, display, and share.  

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  • Free to listen on the web or in the free app.  Opportunity to buy tracks, support artists, and earn incentives by hosting tracks with node owners or buy a node of your own.
  • Artists bring your talents to Gala Music and join greats like Snoop Dogg with Death Row Records and hundreds of others who are bringing music to blockchain and keeping more of what they earn.
  • Unleash Your Melodies on our Gala Music Node: Elevate Your Tracks with musicalXprshnz’s Sonic Sanctuary.  With 99.8% uptime, maximize your incentives by hosting on our nodes.